#mohlu Honeymoon Day 3



Island hopping day! We woke up at about 7am. The whole ‘sun rises earlier’ thing really wakes you up. But we welcomed the gorgeous view on our bed.

The island hopping would take us around the boracay island and snorkeling at the crocodile island (no crocs there, just the way the island look, see above image).

We loved the view underwater! Our boatman/ guide, found a good spot for us to dig our heads in and view the ocean life. I was a little nervous at first since the waves are a little strong and i get nervous when i touch water.  But when i popped my head under, i began to realise that the waters are about 2 metres deep but the corals are about 0.5m above seabed.

Once we’re done, we head over to another island to have our lunch. We took random shots while waiting for our food





IMG_6532[1]Water is so clear i can see my pedicure!



We were concerned if this is our lunch when we saw it. heh

We were so exhausted after the island hopping, we decided to take a lazy nap. Lucky for us, it was drizzling so staying indoors was a good option.

We went out for a walk again in the early afternoon. Caught sight of this bunch of cute little korean kiddos.





Boracay is a mini korea. Here, we have a bunch of korean kids building sandcastles.



The husband wanted to try out the local fast food and so we did.

IMG_6520[1]Their local pork in skewers. This is actually really tasty.



Try out their local fish. It’s a little mushy and slightly salty, pair it up with rice.

IMG_6525[1]We stumbled upon a very creative marketing gimmick! Chefs/ dancers.

We took a long walk back and hopped on the hotel feeder bus at the ‘budget mall’ and rested.




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