#mohlu honeymoon Day 2

We decided to start the day not planning and go where the flow is. But we’re blessed with gorgeous weather and good health. The sun rises earlier than what we experience here in Singapore. So we woke up as early as 7am. We had the inhouse breakfast at Boracay West Cove. They have 3 general options for you.

1. All American Breakfast

Wholemeal toast, ham/sausage/ bacon, eggs (poached/scrambled/fried etc), cut fruits, coffee/tea/juices

2. Continental Breakfast

oatmeal/toast/pancakes, omelette (tomatoes/ mushrooms/ cheese/ onions), cut fruits, coffee/tea/juices

3. Filipino Breakfast

filipino related dishes, toast, cut fruits, coffee/ tea/ juices

I was pumped to head out and check out the beach. We booked our island hopping activity the next day and went out exploring.


I love this man.



We had lunch at one of their local shops. Their cuisine is a little too salty and a little too sweet for our tastebuds. But it wasn’t all bad.

After the long walk, we had this Mango Ice thingy at the D’Mall. The main shopping area in Boracay. For 150php, this thing is heavenly! The crushed ice, mango puree, mango ice-cream, cornflakes and milk powder (you read that right) seemed to work well together.

We decided to try out the ATV, which we enjoyed thoroughly. The ATV ride led us to one of the peaks on the island. We had the opportunity to have an overview of the island.

IMG_6475[1]We didn’t think we need the helicopter ride after we saw this view.

Our guide then suggests that we take a sunset cruise on a sailing boat (something i wasn’t very fond off but KM was so i went along with it). Excellent choice I must say!



The ride cost about 1000php. But we felt it was totally worth it. I wouldnt recommend anyone who is a little sea sick to take this especially since the sailing boat is perpetually rocking to the waves.

IMG_6479[1]We had a little barbecue dinner at the beach. Hawaii BBQ. The food is alright. I’d recommend the mussels but other than that the other dishes were no where as awesome.

We decided to head back since we’re both a little tired from the day’s activities


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