How to enjoy YOUR HEN’s night

Saturday was a really fun night. The ladies organise a hen’s night for me.

First they brought me to Bliss restaurant at Central. This wedding theme restaurant looked like it’s perpetually playing the wedding march at the background.

Fake flowers, arcs, white chairs, bird cafes etc.


That’s me. Doing silly things. Dinner wasn’t too expensive. Though I think the ladies blessed me this time around. Then I did a coin scratch thingy. Smart gimmick. None of them knew what was going to happen and neither did it. It had various ‘sabo’ related stuff including ‘slap someone from the back and apologize’.


So I went along with them and completed my tasks.

How to truly enjoy your hen’s night?

1. Relax
It’s your night. True, you will get the limelight and the fun. No point being that crazy bridezilla where you have to be in control.

2. Just do it
You probably won’t be hanging out down there for a while. So why not just do the tasks? Your magical tiara and sash would probably give yourself away. People are always willing to congratulate you.

3. Be thick skinned
So your tasks ahead requires you to go up to strangers to buy random stuff. Kiss their hand, ask them suggestive questions. Be thick skinned about it. Your friends will love you for it and you’ll probably just laugh it off.

4. Adapt
Something cocks up. Things are feeling awkward. What do you do? Raise a glass, laugh it off and get other strangers to join you in the fun. Be the clown and make someone laugh.

What motivates me the most when I was being sabo-Ed is to hear my friends laughter. Be the party in the crowd!




For more pictures, checkout Instagram and these hashtags. #leedearthedarkbride #leedeartheblackbride #mohlu


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