How to make soursop smoothies and popsicles?

KM bought me a new toy with his Giant vouchers from his company. Yay!

I got a Toyomi glass blender. It can crush ice which I felt was the best thing ever! Smoothies should be ice blended.

Step 1: take really riped soursop. Remove all the seeds and skin.


Step 2: Blend it up! Add some water but not too much


Step 3: Pop it into the Popsicle maker. We got this at Howard’s storage. It’s super easy to use and it has a mechanism that allows you to push the popsicle up.
Put it in the freezer!


When it’s done, take it out and enjoy!

Alternatively, you can blend the soursop with ice and make a nice smoothie.


Benefits of soursop
1. Protects the immune system
2. Rich in vitamin C
3. Anti cancer
4. Relieves constipation
5. Preventing anemia

Do try this out! Let me know how yours taste!


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