I know I disappeared this week. Only because its almost the last lap of the wedding preparation.

Over the weekend, KM and I completed most of our wedding errands. Without our own transport, both of us were exhausted from travelling from west to east to north. gosh.



That was us travelling on another LOOOOOGGGGG journey.

We head over to Ang Mo Kio to pick up my gowns and met up with a close girlfriend of mine. She’s pregnant! So happy for her but she’ll be away for her baby-moon (a honeymoon before the baby arrives) on our wedding day. She wanted us to take a photo in my wedding gown.



i love this girl. I know… my make up and watch is strange with the gown. hahahha. But hey, its only my fitting. We had lunch with our other halves then headed home to drop the gowns. Rushed out again to pick up our wedding favors. yay!

Then before you know it, we’re out to meet our close friends Ryan and Esther. Specifically Esther since, Ryan is off that day. We chatted. Glad we make it pretty late so the crowd was a little slower.

Our Sunday was equally MAD! We had some help to tie our wedding favors. KM and I packed the decor into boxes. It was pretty tough. Honestly, cos we have SO MUCH STUFF accumulated over my months of prep. But i wont deny it, i do kinda enjoy it.

We were dead-beat when we got home. This weekend is all about Lunar New Year. I’m hoping I’ll get a little bit more rest and work on my workouts more.

I’m still on my bodyrock.tv workout! Im on Day 13! Almost halfway there.



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