2 is a couple, 3 a crowd, 5 a clan!

KM and I spent the weekend doing… Wedding stuff. Yeap.

Saturday night, we met up with the flower girl and page boy. Brought them out shopping.

Our flower girl, Erin, is a sweetheart. She’s such a girly girl. Just five this year and she’s into makeup, pretty dresses, matching shoes. You get the drift.


But we felt she was the best candidate for the job. She was outgoing and she looked too cute!


Our page boy, Nathan is one bright little boy! He’s primary 2. Loves cars and turbo. Always good natured, loves to read and he has an amazing personality. When you talk to him like an adult and ask him difficult life decisions, he tells you the best godly answer you need. Something I find amazing when it comes to kids. Nothing too deep, no ill intentions but just simple innocent answers.

We went out with Ethan, Kyla, Erin, Kristen and Nathan. 5 kids: 5adults. Trust me, I think we’re still shorthanded. But I salute the parents and somehow wonder how they do it. KM just got exhausted looking at them. Heh.

To all the parents out there, I salute you. Honestly, the money, time, energy invested into these little ones are the reason why our country, our nation, our families have a future.

So well done u all!


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