2014 Resolutions

I don’t usually make them before. But ever since I started, i realised i have a new found determination to meet it. This year:

1. Savings



The sad truth is, i haven’t been saving since ‘i can’t remember’. I feel terrible about it and this year, I am determined to start a savings routine something that KM recommended to me on top of my insurance savings. 


2. Workout



Jogging used to be my favourite form of exercise. But after my knees hurt at the last marathon. I decided to go to the gym, zumba classes, spinning classes. But I’m trying to cut down the gym sessions. So I decided to try HIIT with the help of BodyRock. I stumbled up on this website through a friend’s instagram. Encourage by her change and her zest for fitness, I’m stuck with this. I’m on day 17th of the 30 days challenge. (though i took extra breaks in between) 

There’s a heap loads of benefits to HIIT but the best part about this is that I’m feeling more energetic and I would love to be more active in the years to come. (i might need that when we decide to have kids) 

3. Eating clean

I’m really interested in cooking good asian food. If i could, I would love to start a column on healthy recipes that are clean, affordable and fast. 



These 3 are my main resolutions. What are yours?



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