Best of 2013


Its the last day of 2013! Weee. i think its about time, i look back at 2013 and see what I’m most grateful for. 

In Jan, KM and i decided to become homeowners and signed our debt- free life to a debt almost forever live. We purchased our little home in Redhill, cosy, vintage and everything about us. 🙂 We’re grateful for the parents who so willingly loan us their $$ which we are still in the midst of repaying. 

In Feb, KM popped the question! He proposed with the help of my friends, family and church mates. It was a super heartwarming session and I’ve never felt prouder of this wonderful man. Im forever grateful to God for being our matchmaker. 

In Mar, we received our keys to our new home. It was an exciting time and an extremely stressful season in our lives. Budgeting, planning, shopping and looking out for deals. You name it, we did it. But our parents saved the day! Helping us with so many things. I don’t think we can do it without them. I begin to learn how to design our home, sold a car and it was a life long journey in our journey of life.

In Apr, our renovation continues. With the help of our close friends, we managed to paint the house in white! bought new flooring and semi-new furniture. We’re blessed i tell u. 

In May, we’re still at it. It was time to say goodbye to my best friend, Junior Lim. His skin problems worsen as the day goes and no meds were working. 

In Jun, i think we’re almost done here… My cell group members warmed the place up with praise and worship, music, prayer and a good time of laughter. 

In Jul, we made it to Hillsong Sydney. Something I’ve been dying to attend since I was a little girl. Its a wonderful experience. I havent felt so impacted, moved and touched by God in a long time. All the dreary season just vanished. Of course, besides Hillsong, we traveled around Sydney. Went to the zoo and took loads of photos. 

In Aug, I started a new job. It’s not my passion but it’s paying me reasonably well as compared to anything I had before. I am able to pay off more and more of my debts. 🙂 

In Sep, after moving into our humble abode, I enjoyed a lot of me time and I started concocting my own little salad recipes. Our wedding preparation begins at full blast. Each weekend is packed with ‘photo shoot’, ‘gown try outs’, ‘bride’s shoes shopping’, ‘grooms shoes shopping’, ‘decor madness’ etc. We’re still not done yet

In Oct, time flies! more wedding preparation… and we’re fortunate to meet a couple of super enthusiastic ladies who are into wedding planning. 

In Nov, we finally got most of the details settled. We decided to get help from our friends for the actual day and started to plan the details. OMG!

In Dec, i started to focus on my work majority of the time and find comfort in doing crafting related stuff for the wedding and flowers became my latest interest. I’m looking to pursue that in the new year! 


In summary, our 2013 has been nothing short of exciting. We made big decisions this year and we’re on our journey to make bigger ones. I’m excited for 2014. Are you?


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