Merry Christmas!



this year’s Christmas eve, i decided to spend sometime with my cg members at one of our members’ aunt’s condo. it was a simple BBQ and alot of laughter. I headed home early since KM is feeling under the weather and I can’t bear for him to spend Christmas ‘alone’. So we kissed at midnight before I head to back. 

Christmas was a lot simpler too. But i guess, as you grow older, the most important people in your life is your family. 🙂 KM wanted to have a nice Christmas dinner at his parents place without actually ‘cooking’. So we went over to cold storage and shopped for dinner. The damage, 1 honey baked roast chicken, 4 pork ribs, 1 bottle of Moscato rose, pumpkin with kale, mixed salad and the super yummy cherry tomatoes! 

We had a good meal. stuffed our faces and enjoyed each others’ company. 

2014.. i cant wait for you to arrive!


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