My Parents

One of the most important thing that happened over the weekend was dinner with my parents. For a change, I decided that we should head over to my parents place and buy them a nice dinner, chat about the progress of the wedding and buy something nice for them. 

As part of the custom, we decided that it’ll only be appropriate to buy something nice for our parents to thank them for everything that they’ve done for us. 

By God’s grace, we were able to get a pearl necklace for my mum last night. THANK GOD! I think she honestly enjoyed just having a present from us. 🙂 She didn’t want us to get anything else for them. But i decided, we should just bless them again on the actual day. 

Surprisingly, my dad also suggested helping us to distribute the invitations and contact his siblings to turn up for the big day. THANK GOD! i honestly thought i was in for a hard time. 

But i guess, the one thing that I took away yesterday, was when I witness my parents ability to show grace to people who are different from us. I must admit that though they’re a little odd in the way they carry themselves but, how they show grace to others is amazing. People with disabilities, who are a tad bit socially inadequate in the service line, my parents would just smile and probably laugh it off. 

Unlike others who would shake their heads, stare at them or even claim that ‘the service is terrible’, i respect my parents for their ability to show tolerance, grace and love to someone as special as them. 

I think, Singapore needs more people like my parents, who are able to accept. People who love the different, people who see everyone as a ‘child of God’. And i pray that I will be able to show this to my future kids. 


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