Sample Store

Im aware that I’m a tad bit slow at this. But I happened to stumble upon this store. I’m not beauty queen but with the pressure to look good on my big day, I started to check out reputable brands of skin care (i’m trying to do my due diligence here). These brands include my favourite, Laniege, Body Shop etc. I’ve also heard raving reviews of SKII products (but they’re so darn expensive) so i decided to purchase it when there was an offer. (and there was! :D)

Okay back to the sample store: this is how it works:

  1. You select 4 products that you’d like to sample
  2. Pay for postage/shipping ($5.90 for Singapore)
  3. Wait for it to be delivered to your own home! Took me less than a week to receive it.


  • It’s easy, fast and convenient. Plus, you’d definitely need some samples when you’re away for trips.
  • You get to choose what you want. Unlike Bellabox or other ‘glam bag’ related business, this store lets you pick the exact brand/product you’re interested in
  • You can try before you purchase. How often did we end up buying a product that doesnt work for us and we’d end up passing on to a close girl friend/ sister/ mother? This is one marketing idea that I think WORKS, so support them
  • No embarrassment. Im usually quite shy to go up to a counter and ask for samples. I know it’s important that you have a thick skin when it comes to such circumstances. BUT its not that easy alright!


  • Limited range. Im a little disappointed that cosmetics are not here. 😦 I would definitely love to try the lippy, blush colour before i buy a ‘6 months supply’
  • Wait. Obviously since delivery take some time, you won’t be able to get your samples immediately. plan ahead. you could save some $$


Comes in this air tight bag. very pretty. items are all bubble wrapped too!


$5.90 for a week’s supply for each product. That’s not too bad I reckon?


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