Wedding errands

KM and I took leave today so we could have an alternative ‘Sunday’ and check some items of our to do list. I’m really impressed with this boy’s patience with me. (super proud of him)

We headed over to Fancy Papers (North bridge centre) to source for materials suitable for our wedding programme. This place has one of the widest selection of paper supplies and prices are cheap. (bulk purchase is available too) Cross over to the bras basah complex and you’ll have to pay close to double the price for the same thing.

Besides that, we also bought some craft paper for our buntings (can’t wait to start on those). Total bill came up to: $6.60.

Then we met up with my ex colleagues for lunch at N.Y.D.C. Awesome catch up plus we caught the lunch promo! Can’t beat that. We were thrilled to hang out with my alien friends. 😀

Then, we headed down to Ang Mo Kio to meet up with my printers and run through the design for our invites, programme and signing board. Excited and im glad KM came along so we can both agree on what we’d like. Once, we’re done with that, I persuaded KM to accompany me to Far East Flora, to have an overview of how much our flowers would cost and what flowers would be most cost effective during the February season.

We took a walk around Far East Flora and saw their HUGE variety of flowers. They do sell almost everything, which is probably the reason why people head down there to buy their flowers. Check out some of these:





I decided to try my hand at coming up with a hand bouquet with some discounted flowers. 🙂

ImageWhat do you think about this? Total cost: $12 🙂


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