How to use Groupon voucher for Wedding photoshoot

Thank God for the awesome weather! KM and I took our second photoshoot that we bought from Groupon. (I wasn’t too happy with the first and KM suggested we should just do another one)

We were quite fortunate to find a dress and suit that didn’t require any alterations from this studio. In fact, I looked pretty decent in the dress! Thank God.

My make up artist, Mini was really good. I highly recommend her. She’s very detailed and she would try to make your flaws disappear and enhance your assets. She bothered to contour my face! So happy and she also asked what I’d prefer for my hairdo.




Our photographer is a young chap who is extremely curious and fun. He was willing to try out different poses and we kinda experimented with quite a bit of stuff.

I’m really excited to see the photos! Will share them when it’s ready.


  • Limited number of dresses: from both photoshoots, I couldn’t find dresses that I really love. But I was quite fortunate to find a fitting dress for my second one.
  • Each shoot would only provide you with a dress and a suit. (Anything additional is chargeable)
  • Photos are only in 4R size: yes, I had an initial idea to get those photos in high res files but the first photoshoot did not specify the size of the photos. (I’m just glad that I didn’t like those photos too)
  • Photographer’s skill might differ: yeap. So you googled online about XXX bridal shop and there are ZERO reviews!!! That’s a clear sign that the studio might not be that established (which was what happened to us). But for our 2nd shoot, we managed to find the studio’s website and their work seemed a lot better.
  • Limited time: 2hours is provided purely for the shoot. For both studios, they allowed us to come in advance to try the gowns and then take photos for a whopping two hours. It’s good for me since I can’t stand still and my cheeks would probably numb in pain after the 2 hours.


  • You get to try out your photographer: we can all have ‘trial make up’ but a ‘trial photographer’ might be tougher to have.
  • I begin to realise that sometimes ‘chemistry’ with the photographer is equally important. So he/she might be a very expensive photographer but you might not like him/ her.
  • It’s cheap: we didn’t pay anything else (other than transport, eyelash and ampoules) more for the 1st photoshoot. We’re not too sure about the 2nd one yet. But at the moment, we’ve spent under $600 for 20+ photos.
  • You get experienced: yup. Not happy with the first one? Second one will do. Your smiles become more natural, you know what to expect and it gets more fun when you do.

Things to consider before you purchase your groupon voucher

  1. Check the studio’s website. Do you like their style? Is it ‘passable’ for you?
  2. Which dress? We took the white gown for the first shoot and an evening gown for the second shoot. Just so we can cover different outfits and have a variety instead.
  3. Time. Would you have enough time to let the photographer process the photos? Anything too close to your wedding date would be challenging and you probably have to incur more cost.
  4. Budget. Set a budget of the maximum you’ll spend even after the additional photos that you’d like to purchase and DISCIPLINE yourself.

Good luck!


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