Wedding Decor

One of my biggest nightmares is planning the decor. Gosh. Some of the issues that we’re facing:

  1. Cost of flowers are a lot more expensive 
  2. Handling of the items (how to hang it, paste it?) 
  3. Time (is it really worth it to have so much time spent on doing those DIY stuff?)

But that said, there are a no. of areas we can focus on including:

  1. What types of flowers do we need?
  2. Which part of the venue should we focus our decor on?

Thank God for KM’s good eye, he always points out my blind spots. Here are some of the ideas we’ve had so far:











We’ve been receiving quite a bit of help from KM’s friends’ wedding coordinators. With help, came along a lot more ideas. So we’re hoping that we can filter them out along the way. 

Wish me luck, i still have no idea, how much i want to spend on this. 


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