How to negotiate with the wedding caterers?



As much as i would like to have a cosy affair like the above or cook my own food, I had to engage the professional for this one. Can’t afford killing someone with my cooking.

So for the caterers, we’ve decided to cater from the venue’s official caterer, Viet Lang. One of the things I’ve considered before i chose the venue was to check the official caterer’s menu packages. Just to make sure that we’re able to afford it. It sealed the deal when I received the variety of menus they had. 

We decided to stick with them because we refuse to pay for the extra surcharge if we engage someone else when we could spend that extra $$ on more food, flowers, favours etc.

Things to note when you request for packages:

  1. Minimum no. of pax for the particular menus: The cheaper the menu, the more the no. of pax. That’s something you have to consider
  2. Prices: $10, $20, $30, $40, $50 per person. Make sure the caterer provides a wide range of prices for you to choose from. 
  3. Disposable ware/ china ware: How much do they charge per person for china ware? (disposable ware should be free) 
  4. Extra surcharges: Some caterers would charge you extra if you request for them to set up earlier. Delivery costs might also be incurred. 

When you have finally selected your caterer, you need to negotiate to get the ‘freebies’. 

  1. Chinaware/ glassware: Chinaware is always more expensive looking and it always look better for weddings. 
  2. Beverages: most packages would only allow you to have 1 drink e.g. fruit punch, ice lemon tea etc. Try to request for an additional drink, most of these beverages do not cost much. If you’re requesting for orange juice, apple juice, forget it. those are too overpriced.
  3. Tables/ chairs: If you’re planning to have a standing buffet, cocktail rounds are an essential. If you have a substantial increase in the no. of pax. (e.g. 30- 50 more) , they might throw in a couple of those for free. just try your luck, you never know what you might get.
  4. Staff: most packages should have about 1-2 staff on hand, to prepare the drinks, clear the plates etc. In any case, do check with them the no. of staff they have.

I hope this has been helpful to you. 🙂 Good luck!



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