Hen’s Night


Image from: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

It’s Jia Hui’s Hen’s (JH) night. She’s the kind soul who shared her bridal with me and got me a cheaper deal for my wedding dress. I’ve been asked to be her bridesmaid. Bridesmaid duty no. 1. Plan our bride’s hen’s night.

Things to note while planning a hen’s night:

1.How big is the party?

I decided to ask JH if she is okay to include any other ladies excluding from her bridesmaids team and she was quite comfortable with the idea. It’s her party after all and its only right if she gets to pick people she love and feel comfortable around with.

2. How far can your bride go?

Is your bride the shy? conservative? outrageous?

Its important to note so she wouldnt hate or kill you after her party.

3. What is your bride’s definition of relaxation?

To each its own. Some ladies might enjoy a night out with girlfriends, partying really hard, some might enjoy a quiet night with live music and others might only enjoy a good high tea.

For JH, she enjoys her massage. I recalled our krabi trip and she was really satisfied with a relaxing day at the beach, well massaged and just staring out into the sea. We decided to go with the spa element. Wanted to go to the beach but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had a change of plans.

4. Prepare the props

My cg leader recommended this website. It has a pretty good range of items for hen’s night. If not, you can always check out party shops. I got her sash at a party shop in Raffles City. Other props can also include lingerie for her first night with her husband. besides the props, you would also need a set of embarrassing questions to ask her or difficult ones.


Before the hen’s night begin, there were a couple of things that I needed to do including:

Book the spa appointment

Restaurant booking (we wanted to book a restaurant at the beach. Called them but they refuse to take reservations over the phone and only via email. Went there only to realise that they had an event planned. !!! on hindsight, i should have made a reservation at somewhere i was more confident in)

Site visit  a couple of hours before. Thank God for KM, our usual Saturday date became a site visit. We walked from Vivo to Sentosa. Took the tram back and considered as many factors as we could. e.g wet weather programme (cos the sky was getting darker), change of location etc.

Well, why not take pictures while we’re at it?



Totally forgot that sticker lady’s exhibition was around so KM and I had a ball looking at these interesting signs.

Well, the hen night turned out pretty well. Had a few hiccups but we were saved. 🙂

thank GOD!


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