5 reasons to move on to another job


For those who know me pretty well, would know that I have a knack for leaving my job the moment I hit my one year mark. (If you’re a younger reader, this is actually a really bad thing to do to your CV)
But I guess I could probably be one of the few people at my age who are qualified to write this post. (Also, titles like ‘samples of resignation letters’, ‘how to find a crappy job’, ‘job desperation 101’. You get the drift.)

1) no career prospects
You know that the person above you is your boss and he/ she also happens to be the owner of the company.
The sad woes of an SME (Small medium enterprise), and the constant need for progression.

2) your pay cheque has been the same since you started your job. And you’ve been on the same job for over 2 years.
A typical organization would give you a 4% increment annually.

3) you’ve changed over 5 different bosses within less than a year.
I’m sad to say this but this actually happened to me before and I was crushed. Considering that the first boss was the one that hired me, I had to adapt to the different requirements which took a toll on me.

4) your company hasn’t pay out ‘profit sharing’ bonuses for the past 2 years.
YiKES! Tts not a good sign. And if things aren’t looking up, might be a better sign for you to go.


5) you have taking over your ex colleagues portfolio.

When the organization just doesn’t seem to have any intention of hiring another one. You begin to realise, your work load is piling and you’re working late every day.

Gosh. My list is longer than I intended to. But I guess the one thing that I’ve learnt is you need to manage expectations.

Get a job that pays you so much more that you’re willing to put in the extra hours, or learn the new skill set. $ is really the main driver. Passion is always the icing. Get what you deserve and DONT compromise if you think you deserve better.

What you sign up for, you need to realise that you’ve committed to it. Similar to what my pastor shared with us during our marriage counseling class, you need to know and be prepared for what you’ve signed up for. If you’re not ready to accept the party’s flaws, you should think twice.

One thing I have to say, I’m really grateful that KM is willing to stand by me whenever my job frenzy comes in view.


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