Lucky find!

Fun size was in town! We decided to catch up with him and finally introduced KM to him.

It was a lot of fun and we had Northern Indian cuisine at Thomson and coffee over at Habitat before we accompanied them back to their hotel for a friend’s wedding dinner.

KM and I decided to have a bit of ‘us’ time since our last couple of weekends were spent with his family.

Shopped for ages in town only to be really disappointed. I didn’t find anything I liked 😦

But KM did. We went to Benjamin barker and picked out a shirt for him. It was on 50% off. So it’s okay.

Then I suggested to head over to Far East Plaza to shop. Zha Huo Dian. It’s similar to the local vintage shops that recently grew popular.

The one big difference is, it has a great collection men’s suits, bows, ties and shoes. It’s a gorgeous collection from

And we found KM’s suit for the wedding! I know, most of the guys I know would probably rent one. But the suit doesn’t cost that much for the uniqueness and texture. Rental for an average suit: $88. (And we had the intention of tailoring a pair of pants for KM) This suit: $319 including the pocket square.

The owner of the shop is a stylist for Mediacorp. So he styled KM on the spot! Ptl! No more Pinterest homework for me.

We could have walked out with the entire set which includes the shoes, tie and the white shirt but we’re going to give those a miss for the time being.

Sneak peak!


One more thing off the checklist’


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