Department of Caffeine and Littered with Books


The Department of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road

Another new hot spot! I was craving for a good cup of coffee and some pretty pastries for my Saturday.


This is one tiny cafe. Fully packed even at 2pm. We missed out most of the brunch items so we tried their main.


Roast Chicken with lemon, zu mac. With a roasted butternut squash. Love the salad, chicken was alright.


From the D.O.C vault, I decided to give this guy a go. It’s not too sweet and it’ll give you a foamy feeling. Not too sure how to top it up. But it just felt like the additional cup/ beaker/ science looking thing is little pretentious. The good side about this, you can finish it. The flavour, taste grows on you. Unlike the usual ‘max brenner’ hot chocolate, this guy is just not ‘jelat’.


KM ordered his usual flat white. Not bad. Milk was nicely froth. But I’m still giving top position to forty hands now.


We ended with a nice chocolate tart. This guy is sinful! So creamy, chocolatey and it wasn’t too sweet. A good treat.

If you drop by, you might actually miss the entrance. Do note to comeby early so you wouldn’t end up like me. With only limited choices.


Drop by next door, you’ll see Littered with Books.


Littered with Books
20 Duxton Road
Singapore 089486


This 2 levels shophouse is a books galore! You’ve got to come here if you’re a reader like me.

Quiet, quaint and gorgeously designed.




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