Love Bonito Sale!

Over the weekend, I was looking forward to Love, Bonito’s 3rd bday sale! I even marked it down in my calendar. I’ve never actually shopped on their blog before but i wanted to check out the products first before I buy them. Usually, blogshop clothes might be a little too wide for my shoulders and too small for my thunder thighs.


Yea that’s the queue. But it only took 1/2 an hour so it wasn’t half bad.

My shopping!


Tops were going for $12 but the material is pretty good.


Bottoms were going for $15.

Total damage: $39.

i controlled myself quite a fair bit but i’m quite glad that i didn’t insist on buying the XS for the skirt. I fit in pretty well for S.

what about the sale? It’s pretty good. Perhaps I was only over on the 2nd day so i guess, after walking around the ballroom in circles, the stuff looked about the same. So if you don’t mind a weird colored piece, I guess its alright.

But i do like the material, its ‘mango’ worthy! Guess i’ll be shopping at Love, bonito next!



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