Minions Madness



the minions craze. Perhaps its a very Singaporean mindset to collect the latest toy/ collectible item. But the idea of how we’ve been queuing up to grab these Happy Meal toys from McDs are just insane.

Then again, I am guilty of this initiative. In addition, these Happy Meal minions have been the highlight of the week (including having my favourite lunch buddies along). Besides the crazy queues, there is an insane amount of food wastage for people who cant seem to finish their food (e.g. me).

This week, I’ve decided to purchase 2 meals. One for myself and another for a good friend who is away on holiday. When it hit the counter, I found out that we’re allowed to make a food donation. In other words, pay for the food and the toy, grab the toy and give away the meals.

Decided to head over to McDonald’s Singapore Facebook to have a look. ( Customers have the option now to the 31 July to donate their McD’s Happy Meal to MINDS! Well done McDs!

So if you feel like blessing someone, here’s the option! Buy a Happy Meal for a kiddo. 🙂


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