How to reduce food wastage



Its been on the news lately. Food wastage. That’s whats happening when a country does too well. (not that I’m complaining) But i believe that we’ve taken things for granted over the years.

I am actually embarrassed to find out that we wasted about 650 million kg of food in 2011. (source: It scares me how much we’ve taken our food for granted and we’ve not tried in anyway to reduce food wastage.

Being a small eater, i am one of those who are just plain lazy to tell our favourite hawkers to reduce the amount of ingredients. 😦 I guess the media kinda impacted me. I truly believe that we can all play our part to do something.

Being a part time waitress before, I am well aware that the amount of food left after a banquet is insane. Especially food on the reserved tables, it usually goes down the bin. When we take things for granted like that, we will never be able to appreciate the simple things in life including fresh imported food. So DO YOUR PART!

I’ve begin to reduce the amount of carbs and request for it to be reduced each time i purchase my meal. 🙂 Not only does it help me to manage the food wastage, it also helps me to plan my calories ahead of time.

Would really like to encourage you to plan your meals ahead and reduce food wastage with any of the above methods. Every little bit counts!




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