Furniture IN!


We spent the entire weekend, cleaning, wiping, brusso-ing and mopping. Our furniture are in and we are so happy with what we had. (though i wasnt super pleased about the delivery guys)

Lessons learnt from purchasing furnitures:

  • Make sure that your lift allows your furniture to be carried up there.
  • Make sure that your drill is powerful to go through walls
  • Measure, measure, MEASURE! you need to measure the size of your room and the space required.
  • Make sure you leave allowance for your wardrobe doors and frames.
  • Ceiling height is another pain! You need to consider the ceiling height before you purchase your wardrobe. (e.g. Ikea allows you to build your wardrobe with 2 different heights. We couldnt pick the higher one because after building it, we’ll need to lift it up and lean it against the wall. That wouldn’t work for our ceiling height)
  • The walls are an important component too. (that is if you’re planning to mount something on the wall)

Yup. With that, that’s our bedroom and we’re  Im ready to move in!


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