Happy Father’s Day!


This has to be one of the most meaningful quotes i found this Father’s Day. To me, my dad has been an unsung hero. He does things different from other fathers but still, his intentions are no different.

This year, i went shopping for my dad and im also blessed to have a future father in law, who showed us so much love and attention during our reno season. I bought a groupon voucher online from Durian Mpire for the 800g durian cake. Since my future father in law is a BIG fan of durian and the entire family could always do with a slice or 2 of the durian goodness.

Woah. i have to say, I’m blown away by this cake! It’s really good with real durian filling and the cream was not overpowering. 🙂

I think the family enjoyed it tremendously since we’re all big fans of our thorny friend. Above all, we had a good time just laughing and giggling about the funny stories.

To all the Fathers out there, Happy Fathers’ Day. Thank you for all your sacrifices


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