Painting Revelation



Its been a long long journey doing up the home. Thanks to my close buddies, their partners and my cell group members, i was able to accomplish much esp. with the painting work. Its amazing how a tiny 3Room flat could be so much work. With the leftover paint on my fingers, I am keying in and punching in the alphabets that was about to give me one of the best revelations I had during this tough time.

While i was painting alone in a room, I was singing to praise and worship songs, covering all the spots of black and the years of weathered walls. When i felt His presence in that room, there and then. He showed me how He would willingly, paint over and over and over and over again until I am white and as good as new. My years of tarnish and weathered pain, will too be painted over and over again until He is pleased with His work.
When He sees the old paint work there ruining the new, He would too, scrap it all. scrap all the bad habits, the worst of them all to ensure that the new could stick and would retain only the best behind.

That’s the beauty of our God. I could never comprehend the amount of love that He could so willingly give. The amount of attention He would be so willing to give.

My home, i pray would be a dedication to Him. That His presence will continue to stay, continue to linger in every corner of our home.


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