Eric and Carol’s Wedding

Finally! The long awaited wedding of the year has to be one of my closest buddy and his gf. Love these 2 to bits.

Eric and Carol held their wedding the traditional way. Gate crash in the morning, followed by tea ceremony and the Chinese dinner.

I was super honored to be one of his groomsmen! Hahah. So I had to do every guy thing. Including eating all the crap. (Omg! I will never bully guys at the gate crash again)


We went with the chinaman theme since our dear Eric is a true china man at heart.

We waited till it was 6.45am and we started the games! Because Carol’s corridor is a little cramp, we had to play at the empty cement court below. Once we got through that and break open her door, our dear Eric picked his pretty bride and rushed to his place to reach before an auspicious time.

Once he stepped through, they spent some time refreshing themselves and we head over to Xiao Gui Lin (a 5 mins drive from his place for an outdoor shoot). Oh yes, we’re all in the shoot and all of us had to video our performance!

Will post the video once it’s ready.

Then we head back to do all the tea ceremonies before we went straight back to the hotel. (Yes, we had some breaks. Not enough though)

Once we’ve gone through that. I freshen up and got ready for rehearsals and the solemnization.

They made their vows in front of their close friends and family.


It was sweet, teary and honestly a little moving for everyone of us in the room.

We love these 2.

Shortly after, dinner was served and photography before we finally bid our goodbyes and wish their lives ahead be one that is fruitful and exciting!

I pray that these 2 will continue to be blessed in blissful marriage. Their children will be blessed and their children’s children, 🙂


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