How to pick an electrician?

Time flies! We’ve hit the 2 weeks after KM and I got our keys.

Progress of the home?

Super fast! Rewiring is happening at the moment and the place looks like a war zone!
I don’t think they can help it either. Bits of paint work fell (which is so much better than I thought it might) and new switches, wires are pumped in.

Looks like the wires could be done by tomorrow noon. 🙂

To be honest, right now, we have almost 2 weeks to fill up the bad paintwork and paint before the floor comes in. Thank God for my future in laws. Though we’re paying a slight premium for the wiring but they did it earlier than expected and the guys even fit some other minor stuff for us including shifting our bamboo hanging structures, moving our sink mirror, installing almost all the complicated stuff like the water heater etc. within an afternoon. God bless them 🙂

Before I digress further I thought I should share:

How to pick an electrician (if you do not have awesome FPIL like me)

1) Renotalk

They are here to warn you about terrible electricians and those who bail after the deposit. They also provide good contacts for electricians. I wouldn’t recommend anyone now. Especially since I’m using my FPIL’s contact.

2) Ask around. Seriously, word of mouth is a major source for electricians especially since they aren’t as tech savvy.

3) Check. The good thing about living in Singapore have to be about regulations. Especially for end users.

The Energy Market Authority has a simple form to drop in the Electrician’s name, Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) no. or even the company address. There is bound to be something that will describe your electrician. If not, you should think twice about hiring him.

4) Quotation breakdown. Yes. If you are approaching some commercial company (who provides electricians and sells lighting), they would usually provide you with a detailed breakdown. This would help you to budget as well.

It will look something like this:


You can compare the prices. But from what I understand the quality of the wires depend on the electrician and the company as well.

5) Check again. Before you commit to anything. Remember, rules and regulations from Housing and Development Board (HDB)

One more final thing to note: wiring makes your home look like a war zone. It’s natural. Live with it for a while. It’ll be over before you know it.

My current war zone.



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