Renovation photos

It’s so difficult to hide my excitement! I’m tempted to burst out. Heh.

So sneak peek here:


That is my dearest papa helping me to paint! I’m keeping everything WHITE! You got it right. Because of the low ceilings, it’s highly recommended that we chose colours that are the same for the ceiling and the walls.

Some disappointments:

With the change in our electrical services, we have to pay for a slightly premium range for an electrician. KM and I had the initial intention to leave the wires exposed (without the white box). This is a technique popular ages ago and it looks gorgeous. Unfortunately, with the rewiring, nobody else is willing to do that.

So we’re back to the boxed up wires. Also, we wanted to keep the switches.


Aren’t they gorgeous? But the electrician doesn’t want to guarantee that he can utilize the switches and basically he just doesn’t want to be liable. 😦

On the other hand, do you guys have any creative ideas to utilize these gorgeous vintage switches? Would love to hear them!

Well, we’re making the best out of it.

That all for now. Will update more soon


2 thoughts on “Renovation photos

  1. Knob for hanging clothes/bags/kitchen towels? Or you could reuse them as knobs on refurbished furniture? 🙂 Just throwing out whatever i can think of.

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