Vintage Furniture

Like I’ve shared earlier I’ve just sold my vintage furniture. I am aware that I sold it at a cheap price. But honestly, i got it for free and i didn’t have to do much for delivery. So I hope the new owner will enjoy them!

Item 1: Dresser

This thing is made of a solid teak i think. The mirror, drawers are all intact. The only problem was the broken lock which can be replaced with a simple lock and key. Gorgeous piece but i have no room for it. 😦


Item 2: Side table

There are a number of interesting stuff about this side table. Glass panels on both side and you can literally see through your shelf! Also, the height and the length of the table are the same size.


Item 3: Single seaters

This is one of the most common single seaters still available in Singapore. I will miss this one day!



Which one of this is your favourite?


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