Public Garden Flea

Yay! We finally decided to visit the Public Flea market. We started off the day with a nice brunch at Tiong Bahru Bakery in Raffles City.


The chocolate croissant and the savory toast was yum! After that, we headed to the National Singapore Museum for our adventure!

I have to say, there’s so many things down there, it’s hard to start. We looked at books, jewelry, pastries, trinkets and all things vintage.

Let my pictures do the talking.






We were super tempted to buy the sugar set but we resisted.



Polaroid lovers! You will love this. Thank God I brought KM along, I might have jumped at it.


Tattoos anyone? The designs are exquisite and unique. If you love tatts and you’re unable to commit to one, this is a pretty good alternative.



Then we decided to get a chicken floss macaron. It’s a little funky at first. Or how KM puts it, his first hairy macaron. Heh. But I kinda like it.

They have a number of unique favors and you can check them out: Skers kitchen

Also, they will be having their macaron focus group on the 16 May. Check out their website for more details.



These guys at Bakerz@work provide classes for baking. It has so many varieties including baking organic bread to artisan fresh cheese making program. Amazing stuff!




Vintage lovers! Sit up! These guys at by my old school, are amazing! Like its name, these guys bring you back to the old school! Everything from 60s microphones, rotary phones, lamps, lights, suitcases. They have it all. So check them out at their website!


I love love love these guys. And I’m super tempted to use their pins for our groomsmen boutonnieres. This picture doesn’t do it justice. But if you’re interested check out When I was four.


More updates on the exhibits in the next post. We had an awesome Saturday! For more details on the Public Garden Flea, check out their website at or like them on their Facebook page.


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