Our love story

It’s been close to 4 years since I fell deeply in love. Some might not be able to understand how I feel, but I pray that you’ll continue to read our story.

I always felt that true love would be the time, a girl sees her Prince Charming sweep her off her feet. Her eyes flutter when she sees him as he draws closer to her. The way he gaze into her eyes and make her feel like she’s the most beautiful creature. He would hold her so close yet so gently like he’s about to break her with all the love he could give.

He would stroke her hair gently and hug her closely that she could hear his breathing. He would share his dreams and made sure she is in every part of it. He would whisper sweet nothings to her ear out of nothing but pure sincerity. He would hold her hand and promise her that everything is going to be alright as long as he’s around. And when she feels like she’s worth nothing, he makes her feel like she’s everything he live for.

Falling in love seemed like the most beautiful thing. And it is, at least it is still, to me.

The day I gave my heart to him was the day I realised someone love me more than I could ever love me.

This is our love story.

I grew up from a home that’s filled with love. But like every family, the flaws are very real. My parents told me stories of Noah and the big ship, Moses and his burning bush, Jesus and his 12 disciples. While others were listening to fairy tales, I was reading my bible stories for little ones.

I begin my search for love when I was in my teens, like many curious teens, I got heartbroken, hurt, pain and basically brokenness in return.

I felt the need to call out to god each time. And each time, tears stream down my eyes, wishing that my search for love could be easier.

It was 4 years ago that I decided to pay a visit to a church. Out of desperation, I asked my friends if they’re going to a service that weekend. None of them were available. When suddenly, a girl sitting beside me at a friend’s birthday asked if I would like to go to her church. Hesitant but I felt bad to reject her, I agreed. A decision I never looked back on.

That day, I felt Him reminding me for the first time ‘there is no better time to do this’. And He was right. I decided to give my broken heart away. What I didn’t realise was, I was getting way more.

In the last 4 years, He showed me what love is. Love that would transcend all failures. Love that would conquer any barriers. Love, yes this love.

Today, He refreshed my memory again. He reminded me how excited I was to wake up each morning to see Him. Someone once asked me how i was willing to sacrifice my sleep to serve in church in the morning. I remembered saying ‘remember how it is when you fall in love with someone? You’re willing to rush to the person’s side as soon as you can. You can’t wait to see the person and just stare and hold them. Well, that’s how I feel towards Him.’

I remembered. I remember how He swept me off my feet when i fell in love with Him. I remember how His presence would hold me so close like 2 out stretched arms cuddling me. I remember how close I was to Him that it felt like I could hear His every breath. He showed me how the plans He had for me are definitely good and I am in every part of it. He’s given me many promises to make sure I know that ‘everything is going to be alright’. He would tell me how I am beautifully made and that He’s crafted everything about me with His own hands. He knows every strand of hair on my head and He would know my thoughts before I even thought about it.

And when I feel like I am worth nothing, He shows me that I am worth dying for.

This is our love story. Probably the greatest anyone can ask for. If you feel unloved, then think again. He’s still waiting for you too.


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