Are you a fan of instagram?



Hands up to all the insta fans!
Well, i am one of those. I’ve been a sucker for this photo app for the longest time. In fact, i have this nasty habit of downloading free photo apps from time to time and delete the ones that i find unfriendly to use, or basically too complicated for a simple non-IT person like me.

Digital has its awesome use. Anything from sharing it via facebook to sending it to your love ones. printed images too has its own pros. In fact, I love having photos on my fridge of my love ones. That was when I discovered Stickygram. These guys are based in the U.S and they are start anywhere form $14.99 for a sheet of 9. 

The other company i just discovered this morning is Monstagram. These guys haven’t launched their products yet but it sure looks exciting. They seemed to have quite a number of stuff lined up. and they are offering 15% off when they launch. heh.

Im thinking of having some instagram photos on my fridge for my new place. What do ya think?


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