We decided to do the most painful start up this weekend. BUDGETING.

I’m quite blessed that both of us have this habit to really think through before we spend especially for our wedding and Reno. That said, penning it down is always painful!


KM was a real sweetheart too. He brought me to Forty hands for that awesome cup of coffee and some old fashioned brunch before we start this journey.

We had a scookie. Also known as a scone and cookie. It was crumbly and not too doughy. Unlike the usual scone, scookie tasted a lot more flavorful.


Then we had our usual big breakfast with all the greasy bacon, spicy sausages, pita bread, mushrooms etc.


It’s still the coffee that made my day. Though I chose the ice latte this time around, it hasn’t disappoint me with its creamy froth. No need for sugar!


The budget spreadsheet basically has 2 components.

The horizontal top is scheduled according to months, the vertical component has been split into wedding and house. We went through our wish list and thought if everything we might need and the costs involved. Placing it according to our deadline. This is exactly applicable since we need to work out, when to spend what.

I had the initial thought to place our personal finances on another spreadsheet as well so we can always view how we work out our $$.
But we were so swamped with our planning budget, we were pretty disappointed 😦

I guess reality hit us pretty bad. But that said, I’m still thankful. KM is the sweetest. Trying to adhere to my needs. In the meantime, we’re trying to compromise on our needs and wants.

What I have to say though is, this planning process is a great way to cleave to each other. Encouraging one another for a new life ahead. So compromise. It feels quite good after a while.


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