Lunch time Sushi making Class

Our HR department decided to get creative this month. To encourage our colleagues to stay healthy and fit, they decided to have their first ever ‘Sushi Making Class’ during lunch time.

Why this rocks?

Because its lunch time. We can technically eat and work on it at the same time. heh. Ingredients are paid for by the company  = (free meal!).

We had a fun time making nori, hand rolls and futomaki.

Picture 019


Picture 020

How to roll like a pro. Use your front 2 fingers to push the main ingredients (e.g. omelette, carrot) before rolling it.

Picture 021

How to do a perfect cut: Make sure you clean your knife with water so the rice wouldnt stick on it.

Picture 022

My work of art. I guess i could use more practise.

Overall, i thought it was a pretty good experience. Sushi making with the colleagues.


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