Laminate vs Vinyl


Yes. its all about the floors now. KM and I have been contemplating to do up our floors. Our current floor condition is an old fashioned vinyl flooring (with a beige colour and some strange lines as pattern).

Let’s just say we’re not a big fan of the design but its liveable. Then again, those awesome pictures (loft style) look alike images have veryniceandawesomeyetsmoothandbasicallyverylofty designs. we are very tempted.

And so the hunt for vinyl vs laminate begins.

Laminate flooring:


  • Fast installation (no nails, no cement and stuff)
  • Cheap (of course, if not, i wouldn’t even consider)
  • Prices quoted by suppliers usually include skirting and installation
  • They do look like planks of wood though they’re not


  • Can be easily scratched by particles or sand
  • Warped due to water spillage (small ones are fine but big spills are a pain)

Vinyl Flooring:


  • Easy to install and apply
  • Resistance to fluid spillages
  • Easy to maintain (literally wipe and its clean!)


  • Not foolproof so yea, it can be scratched too
  • It’s slightly pricier so far (i am still looking for alternatives)
  • It looks fake

What do you think? Laminate vs VInyl?


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