How to choose a ceiling fan?


Strange title right? I know. But we’re so close to getting our keys to our new home,  so we’ve been doing up our research.

Things to note about our new home:

  1. Its a resale flat. Means its an old flat. When i mean old, i mean… really old. like err.. its built in 1955.
  2. It is also a SERs unit. In other words, we will be moving out of this place by 2017. So technically speaking, we will be moving out in 3 years +
  3. Its a small unit only 58 square metres. Trust me, when you see it’s size and the corridor, you’ll probably feel like you’re some giant.

With all that in mind, we were on our journey to decide the minor renovations that we’re about to do. Bearing in mind these 3 issues and of course, the cost involved.

KM and i decided that we’re going D.I.Y and make this our ‘hippie’ home. So exciting. We decided to settle with the ceiling fans rather than air conditioners.

  1. Our home don’t have the capability to hold a dual unit air conditioner.
  2. We require additional powerpoints and an air-con compressor (in other words, we need to build some metal like structure to hold that thing)
  3. Electricity. We’re looking to rent out the spare bedroom to earn some $$ for our wedding/ to pay off some of our COV. Not sure what kind of tenants we’ll get. So err.. i dont want someone who turns on the air-con 24/7. 😦

After all that, we finally settled for the good old fashioned ceiling fans. Fans with a light unit on top of it. So we get ventilation and light! YAY!

So here’s how it goes. After looking around and having first hand experience with ceiling fans, getting a reliable ceiling fan is very important.

  1. Size:Ceiling fans come in all sizes. You need to get a fan that is sufficient for your room and not overpowering that it looks like your home is about to take off or something. It can go from 36″ to 56″. You can check out this website if you need to know what fan size is required for your room.
  2. Brand: I know, it might seemed superficial. But the current fan in my own home is giving me lots of problem right now. So yea. Some brands are really better. This website here provides quite a good analysis of the 4 brands of ceiling fans KDK, Crestar, Fanco and Elmark. True enough, these brands have been proven to be pretty reliable.
  3. Price: Tight budget hence, we’re scrimping and saving on everything we can. Crucial point. Also to note, installation do not come for free. It costs anywhere from $35- $50. In terms of prices, i have to say IMM prices are pretty steep and you can check out balestier, geylang for better deals. Alternatively, some of the expo sale fairs do provide nett prices.

Be prepared to spend anywhere from $300 (including installation) to $650 (including installation).  Good luck and have fun shopping.


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