The Home


As the saying goes, Home is where the heart is.

Planning our new home took more than what we expected. But I’m enjoying every single bit of this adventure!

On Friday, KM and myself went to the bank to do up our cashier’s order for our first appointment with HDB.

What’s the difference between a cashier’s order and a cheque. Cashier’s order: you have the money inside your account when you do it up. Cheque: You might or might not have the money in your account.

Anyways, we had to do up a cashier’s order simply because we don’t have a cheque book. But yea.

Unlike the deposit amount which we first gave to the owners, this cashier’s order is written payable to: Housing and Development Board (HDB).

Our first appointment was pretty smooth i must say. Except that we forgot our pay slips for the past 3 months and the resale check list which we used when we initially select the appointment.

Our HDB lady, was very kind. She went through our housing loan details: e.g. amount payable each month, amount deducted from our CPF, stamp duty, conveyance fees etc. We also paid for fire insurance. (THIS IS IMPORTANT)

The owners were kind enough to provide us with the floor plan. (boy are we excited when we saw it.) So minor reno plans are in place now! more updates coming soon… weeee…



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