Strike a pose (Poses for your wedding shoot)

Yes. Madonna’s vogue came to my mind before i started blogging about this. KM and i (as usual, mostly me) decided that the pre-wedding photo shoot is something we could save on. Personally, I prefer to have plenty of actual day photos.

So… if you’re invited to my wedding, please take as many pictures as possible! Thank God for Groupon, I managed to find a voucher for a pre-wedding photo shoot for $200+ (includes outdoor and indoor) soft copies only and probably 14 images. I didn’t mind. So yea, a photographer without good direction is something I am super worried about. Hence the search for ‘poses that i can copy’ literally.

Pinterest have been my best friend on this search. You can follow me here. I just want to share one of my favourite sites for poses.
You have about 50 different poses to play with. Some of which could be done on the actual day. Hurray!

Some things that you’ll need to consider for a pre-wed shoot:

(1) Location: Overseas/ Local

Overseas locations: Japan, Korea, Taiwan (this is really common), Paris (every girl’s love story seems to set in that place), Australia (Perth, Melbourne), Bali

Each location definitely has its pros and cons. But cost is really an important factor.

(2) Photographers/ Bridal Studios

In +65, we do have a number of bridal studios providing an extensive amount of services including make up, hair do, gowns, photography, videography, car rental etc.

Make sure that you are aware of the fine print. Bridal studios might include clauses like excludes false eyelashes, transportation etc. which i honestly feel damn nonsense la. But then again, bridal studios take the hassle out of sourcing for individual items. Remember to check out the wedding forums for feedback before you commit to signing a package (this can come up to $7000).

(3) Photographers

Honestly, i trust their work way more than the random photographers that the bridal studios charge me with.

Some of the recommended photographers include:

  • Bobby Kiran : He managed to capture really good moments. You can check out his portfolio
  • Lighted Pixels Photography: They are a pricy bunch. But they’ve received a number of feedback on their gorgeous photography (esp those in Paris). Alternatively, you can also look at Lighted Pixels Pixies 
  • Acapella Photography: A friend of mine is about to use them. What i understand is they are very excited to try new ideas and their overseas location shoots are pretty awesome too.
  • One Eye Click: I absolutely love these guys. Well, im not one who is an expert when it comes to photography. But i love their quirky and hilarious sense of humour. If we had the budget, i would love to do my shoot with them. KM and I definitely prefers the funny, hilarious and fun part. Our wedding would most probably look into the casual and fun direction.

There are some things to note too when you engage a photographer:

  • You will have to incur additional costs for your dresses and groom’s suit
  • Additional costs for make up and hair
  • Make sure you double check if its more worthwhile to have a photographer or to go through a bridal studio

That said, we will be focusing on our wedding only after the 16 March since we’re going to have our flat’s first appointment with HDB.

In the meantime, I absolutely love the research part of it. Who doesn’t love staring at pretty pictures?

Back to the poses, here is a couple that took these hilarious poses. Enjoy!



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