Our Saturday this week was packed!! I had to cancel a few appointments just to make sure I don’t overwork myself.

I started my Saturday with the usual chores at home before heading down to Eldred and Christina’s baby’s first month.

We met baby Evan for the first time and Christina shared her joy and her sleep deprived moments as a mother.

This lovely couple is moving to Sydney soon. Where Eldred is gonna start studying again.

Chatted more and we updated them of our progress in our search for homes etc.

Baby Evan was pretty much asleep the either time or a little oozy after having his milk.


Next up, I decided to skip a wedding at Choa Chu Kang. The place is way too far and I have to be back in Bukit merah for the future in laws reunion dinner.

We had the reunion dinner at Mouth restaurant.

We ordered a number of popular Lunar new year items including their Phoenix fish, duck set etc.

Thing is, perhaps it’s not really my in laws thing. But I did enjoyed some dishes.

1) Colourful Har Gao


This is pretty and yummy. The size of the prawns are pretty generous. But perhaps it’s been steamed before, you could taste that the dish is a little old.

2) Phoenix fish


This fish looked magnificent. True, there is too much decor, and the fish is fried. But that’s what Chinese New Year is all about, eating unhealthy food and the overkill in fluff.
The sauce goes really well with the fried fish. Crispy texture but flavorful.

3) duck platter
Duck cooked in 3 ways. Skin wrapped with egg crepes. The breast is cut out nicely and dipped in plum sauce. The legs were stir fried with chives.

The skin was disappointing though. It might have been left out for a while. So it’s not as crispy. The breast was too tough. But I guess that’s what the breast is about. The stir fried dish was done well. Perhaps a bit too oily but still it’s not bad.

4) four seasons beans
Not good. The beans were soggy with oil. The minced meat were not flavorful.

5) squid ink char Siew bao
The char Siew was good. Squid ink bao felt like a novelty. There wasn’t much flavor there.

6) deep fried salted egg prawn
Prawn was juicy and fresh but the salted egg flavor.. Was missing.

Overall, it wasn’t a fantastic experience but perhaps we came for the wrong items on the a wrong day.

Mouth Restaurant
68 Orchard Road
#02-01 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: 63377446

Operating Hours
Weekday – 11.30am to 10pm
Public Holiday & Weekend – 11am to 10pm


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