Thrifting attempt no. 1

Because of our very limited budget and time, KM and i decided to go on a thrifting expedition. I know. Im lucky, i have a boy who’s willing to rummage through old stuff with me to search for our future furniture and be willing to scrimp and save with me.

So we decided to visit a couple of thrift shops.

1) Highpoint Community Services Association

This is a place where everything gets a second chance. Furniture and people alike. It’s a community service for the ex offenders and their families. It’s tough to get a second chance in a place like Singapore. Especially when grace is not readily available and people judged without understanding. My mum, has been an avid fan of their moving service so i thought its time for me to pop by to do some shopping.

To our dismay, we didn’t manage to find anything we like, and we zoomed out of there in like 15 minutes. 😦 disappointed. I actually read on someone’s blog that this was a go to place for furniture. The weather was scorching, so it kinda dissuaded us from searching and digging.

If you’d like to visit, you can check them out here.

No. 1, Lorong 23, Geylang. Singapore 388352
Tel : 64402444 (4 lines)
Fax : 64401311
Email :

2) Hot weather. = new location. We hopped on the cab (i know. its not very ‘thrifty’. but it is a good choice if you are visiting this next stop).

Praisehaven Family Store. Located at upper bukit timah road, this store is a little inconvenient to get to without your own vehicle. Either a drop off or to pick up a ‘pre-loved’ item, the vehicle could come in handy.

For the car-less peeps like us, take bus 67 and make sure you’re not in heels.

It is a huge family store. like the name suggests, you can actually see a number of families gathering there like a mini outing of some sorts. Kids will be reading in a little corner, parents looking at pre-loved electronics and other clothes. It’s a pretty nice environment and the air conditioner helped. We headed down to the basement and found their huge furniture stash. Loads of dinning tables, couches, footstools, study tables etc. you name it, they have it. From huge stone tables to the ikea wooden tables, you can find it there. If you’re free, do check it out!

PraiseHaven Family Store      Click here for Map

500 Upper Bukit Timah Road S’pore 678106  Tel : 63495312
we didn’t pick up any items because,

1) they either cost about the same as the ‘cheapest new couch’

2) they were too huge for our tiny loft.

fruitless and a little disappointed. We took a walk to the Rail Mall around the vicinity. It wasn’t much of a walk or exploration when we decided to just take  a bus home.

On our way back, we stumbled upon SPRUCE! Yay! Another restaurant. (so much for thrifting)

Picture 002

Located at the Upper Bukit Timah Fire Station

we decided to have some dessert to make ourselves feel a little better from our failed thrifting attempt. So we did.

Picture 006Chocolate Station Tower. Pretty name with no description always spells trouble. Poor boy ordered this item with so much anticipation but it went to nothing. 😦  The fruits were fresh. But that was about it. The chocolate mousse below felt like chocolate butter block. We couldn’t finish it.

Picture 005I needed my alcohol in this hot day. So a gin and tonic for both of us.

Picture 003

Picture 004

I did enjoy the environment though. The large glass windows and pretty chairs and tables made the entire ambiance a nice soothing one.

Of course we had to head home after that. Dinner was only cai fan (mixed vegetables with rice and meat) and we’re sharing it.

It was a failed thrifting attempt but i guess, thats what happens when you try new things. 🙂


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