Poulet- amazing french roast chicken

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The Poulet experience. Havent actually find the time to blog about this. We had 2 sessions of Poulet over the holidays. Don’t ask me why but it just happened.

KM and i tried both outlets. LOL. Sounded like we’re secret shoppers or something.

But yea.

1- braise de canard – Braised duck in red wine sauce. Its pretty tasty i must say. the duck was cooked long enough for its meat to taste light.

2- french onion soup- doesnt taste like it though. to my disappointment.

3- Poulet Roti – roast chicken. you can’t miss this one out. the star of the show. its flavourful white cream sauce was to die for. a must try here.

besides that, we had the banana bread butter pudding. banana fans would love it. at least i do. another must try has to be the tiramisu. im so mad that i didnt get a chance to take a shot of it. the creme brulee was passable and a little pricey for its size as compared to the other desserts.

KM and i had the escargots too. but they were just alright.

Overall, poulet was pretty good for the price that we’re paying for. in fact, do check it out here.

Poulet Restaurant
201 Victoria Street
Level 4 Bugis+, Singapore


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