My Ds

For the past 2 years, I’ve set out some goals for myself and it just happened that they started with the letters D.

1. Diving – I got my diving license when I took my first dive in Tioman. If you’re interested, you should head to Tioman for this. waters are safer and hence easier to pass. I curb my fear of being underwater. In fact, after that trip, i kinda find peace whenever im underwater.

2. Dating – it was about the same time, that i met KM. How did we start is another story Im saving for an important day. I’m very blessed to have someone like him, who cherishes me, takes care of me and only want the best for me. His selflessness never fails to wow me. Dear.. if you’re reading this… Im super thankful for YOU!

3. Driving – I know.. its been forever since I decided to take my drivers. The worst part? I took forever to pass my driving test. 😦 I was even made fun of by some of my guy friends. But… but.. but… i passed on MONDAY! I guess that’s all that matters. Thing is, peeps, i think we should never give up. giving up is a ‘sure lose thing’.

4. Dancing – Yeap! Im going to attempt POLE DANCING when I get back from Taiwan. A little scary.. and Im afraid that I’ll actually get those bruises. But… hey.. no pain. no gain yea?

And with that I concluded my Ds for the past 2 years. thing is, I’ve been thinking about new things ahead of me.

1) should i take a diploma out of interest? (i wanna do another degree.. but its too expensive)

2) should i serve in a community service environment?

3) should i take professional singing lessons?

oh wells… loads to consider next…

I cant wait for my driving license with a horrible picture of myself!


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