Goodbye Coco

On the 2 Nov, our family dog Coco finally closed her eyes for the last time. Today, we celebrate the 16 years that she’s been with us.

For the past sixteen years, she’s given birth to 2 litters of super cute pinscher x Maltese pups which blessed many people including some of my closest friends – Kenneth.

Coco was adopted in our family when she was 2. Shortly after, she got lost and by God’s grace, she found her way home. Since then, she’s never left us no matter how many times we left the door open.

Despite her petite stature, Coco has barked fearlessly to anyone 2 or 3 or even 10 times larger than her when she senses any potential danger to us. When I was in my poly days, Coco will walked me to my bus stop and watch me board my bus before walking home.

She’s patiently settled down with us when we moved from our home at aljunied to geylang to geylang to tampines and finally to our present home, bedok reservoir.

All this time, she will wait for us to get home each day and even ‘announces’ when she hears my papa’s car pull up at the carpark.

On a regular day, she’ll be in the kitchen watching Cheris while she melts butter and bakes her yummy pastries. She’ll wait affectionately for mum to cuddle and hold her. Other times, she’ll just laze around.

Growing up with her around, our closest friends know her presence whenever they’re over. Often, we would joke about her ability to live almost forever.

But with life, there is death. As heartbreaking as it is, our family didn’t expect her super dog abilities to go away that quick. 😦

Coco, our dear friend, thank you for standing by us for the past 16 years. You’ve been a big part of our lives. We’re so proud of you and we will always miss you.

P.s. i can’t imagine you not being in the kitchen accompanying me tomorrow.


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