Yeap. I’ve been domesticated. I’ve spent the entire long weekend, cleaning, scrubbing, mopping, wiping, washing, clearing and cooking.

Since papa is away, its really an excellent opportunity for me to clean with lesser interruptions. Well, or so i thought, Mr juniorlim was jealous that he wasnt getting enough attention. So, as i was cleaning, he was peeing… making his mark at any potential corners. 😦

trust me, i had half a mind to spank him.. but he was too old, and he looked too sad. he then came up to me with those really sad eyes… and i had to pet him. (i just cant resist this boy).

Okay, that said, i head over to KM’s place to have dinner with his parents. Chatting with them about our housing options. I wanted them to understand that we’re looking at places nearer to their home so we could spend more time with them. Unlike my parents (who are busy saving cambodia), they are the homely sort, who loves a good meal with their kids.

I felt a little bad that i wasnt spending enough time with mum, so i made her dinner. KM joined us too. So did Mr Junior Lim and Coco. Heh.
Pretty enjoyable, topped with some Magnum ice cream.

It wasnt an eventful weekend but i guess its pretty meaningful.

Some tips for potential domestic goddesses:

1) Use a good hand cream. (the little cute pots from Face Shop is pretty cool, but my current favourite have to be the Victoria Secret’s hand cream- they’re really creamy and it smells soooooo goood)

2) Make Mr Muscle your  best friend. He is efficient, fast and he clears out all the nasty grease and grime in the kitchen. (when i say that i know what im talking about especially since my parents allmost never clean the stove :O)

3) Vinegar: white vinegar is the best prevention for my dogs. apparently its one of the nastier smells. somehow this magical drug keeps them away . I would usually use this to spray on spots where junior likes to mark his territory.

4)  Put those records on. Yeap, some good music is good for the soul. And it sure helps when you can sing and dance while cleaning up. Sometimes, i turn on the tv and listen to the TV shows. (i know, its weird. but i kinda got used to the voices in the 500+ channels.)

Oh. i hope this helps. Do share some tips if you do have any.


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