Appreciating World Post Day

It’s World Post Day! Singapore Post has kindly invited us to visit them, learn more their services and take a tour around their mail sorting facility.

I jumped at it. I mean, how many people would actually get the chance to have that!

I arrived at Singapore Post HQ at paya lebar and said hello to some of my colleagues from the other business units.

We had a speech from the Group CEO, Dr Wolfgang who explained to us their challenges and how they dealt with the dynamic changes in the postal business landscape over the years. It’s an impressive piece of work I must say and I’m really proud to have such an efficient postal service here at home. Gone are the days of mails lost in translation.

The team then presented some of their interesting services including the latest ‘post a card’ service. You can download an application via the apps store. Android users, you’re not forgotten either. Pick a template and post your image on it.

Make a payment of $1.90 and your postcard is set to go!

You don’t even need to print them out or use a stamp, they’ll mail it for you!
Gosh! Talk about convenience. They presented other interesting facts too which tickled me quite a bit.

1) do you know that singpost sorts about 3 MILLION mails a day?
2) 85% of their mails are sorted by a machine and 15% are sorted manually due to its odd shape
3) singpost hits 99.4% of the Next Day Delivery quota making them one of the most efficient postal service in the world
4) we also have one of the lowest domestic postage rates globally!
5) over 8000 different non mail items would be found in mail boxes including stuff like credit cards, ezlink cards, wallets etc.
6) every year.. During Christmas, kids (or anyone who still believes in santas) will send letters to Santa. If you’re not sure where you can send it to, just indicate its for Santa and the nice people at singpost will mail it for you! P.s. please buy enough postage for it to get to Finland.

Then we head to the mail sorting tour. It’s pretty interesting i must say. With all the specialised equipment, we’ll always require some manual sorters to make sure that the odd shape items are not forgotten.

After the tour, we picked up our goodie bags and personalized stamps!


I was completely sold when I saw this! How cool is that! Oh I can mail it out too.

Happy World Post Day!



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