Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

Happy birthday IVAN! its his turn to turn 2-seven. and the usual binging and drinking session begins. but this year, we decided to head out to cycling watching a movie and then dinner at an italian steak house. from the sounds of it, it didnt turn out very productive. but we had our fair share of fun.

We had dinner at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse.

Address: 25 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238969

You can read more of their reviews here

The strip loin steak was nicely done. KM ordered his medium rare. though he would prefer it more raw. but the sauces were pretty awesome. their mustard sauce is different from the usual french/ english mustard. You can chew the little mustard seeds without that strange spicy kick to it.

i had one of their italian house white wines. not too heavy and its actually quite flavourful.

our dear ivan, had his gorilla cake from the Pan Pacific singapore. The chocolate wafers at the bottom were nice and crisp. but i guess the cream kinda killed us.

Overall, we had our fair share of sober fun. 🙂 yay! we laughed at silly things, as usual and im just savouring whatever time we have left together as friends.

friendships can be so difficult to keep up to. in time, we might move on to other areas in our lives. but until then… i’ll just cherish whatever i get.


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