shoot shoot shoot!

okay. i dont mean a gun. but a camera. Yesh! we did our outdoor shoot for my upcoming calendar 2013.

We had to take some of the regular stuff as well as others interesting locations in our town including some heritage sites. and as usual, things didnt turn out as planned.

it turned out BETTER!

so after days of planning, i finally found my photographer and decided to ask him for help. but he went way over my budget. 😦 so we went back to another volunteer. turns out i had great company, interesting chats and honest opinions about life. He shared about how much he enjoyed the flexibility of his work now. how he hardly keeps to a fixed schedule and his little adventures in taiwan, china and australia. He is a photographer/ videographer/ delivery-courier man/church worker/ travel guide/ taxi driver and more. i know its a mouthful. but the joy and his amazing ability to love life and remain contented is something i look up to.

he doesnt have much ambitions but to have his own time and flexibility to do what he loves. such a pleasant, people person. he can hardly contain his excitement to show me his photos, his past time and his work. we talked about how he and his wife met in church and begin serving together as a couple. how they bless people around them by delivering bags of rice to them. he classifies the importance of his work in this order:

1) meaningful?

2) fun?

3) $?

im so amazed and so thankful for this opportunity to encounter someone like him. if i retire one day, i want to do what he does, to give back as much as i can.

human interaction doesn’t change. in fact, its in the least possible situations that you’ll encounter the most impressionable ones.

some photos i took from the shoot.






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