Wow. its monday again! sad face šŸ˜¦ im still in the midst of a negotiation for my work. considering a couple of things including $$. KM and i are really looking forward to getting our place, getting hitched and moving on to the next phase in our lives. We’ve talked, discussed and the boy is trying to tell me to be patient especially since, he already chosen the ‘bling’. What a sweetheart.

on Friday, i met up with a couple of my ex colleagues to celebrate K’s farewell. he’s the last one among us 3 to move on from there. We wish him all the best. during the entire conversation, i was beginning to feel exhausted just listening to everything that is happening, the dramas, the gossip and basically everything in the industry. we dont need it. i dont see a point talking about it.

perhaps, its time to leave.

i thought about a number of things happening. and looking at where the position is leading me, i feel helpless and i think i kinda resigned to the state where it is.

moving on, saturday afternoon was pretty awesome. i craved for Bah kut teh (pork ribs soup) desperately and KM was kind enough to adhere to my request. if that’s not enough, i wanted B&J since its soooo warm! we tried 2 of their latest flavours, ‘chubby hubby’ and ‘maple flavour’ and we fell in love with ‘chubby’. still it hasnt replace my love for ‘anything but the..’ flavour.

dinner was with KM’s family at a chinese restaurant in Jurong east. we then head out to raffles city to join the oktoberfest/ eric’s bday. we made a fool of ourselves with 26 X 0.5litres of beer and more food. oh gosh. we danced, screamed, clapped and poor carolyn got drunk. despite the hefty bill, the bruises from ‘i dont know where’ and the terrible headache the next day, friendship does have a different price to pay. the 10 years of friendship has gone by so quickly and swiftly, im beginning to feel a little frightened. a little scared that time is moving so fast.

KM and i pretty much spent the rest of the weekend at his place, with his parents and brother and his gf, chilling, watching tv.

i guess that’s what most people do when they’re resting.


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