Saturday Expedition

I havent been putting in much effort in my work lately and Im aware that deadlines are looming by.. booo hoo.. hence, i decided to walk around with the help of KM. But we ended up on a mini expedition.

we started strolling near lavendar mrt station and we went by this pie shop. Quite an interesting one i must add.

Address: 776 North Bridge Road Singapore 198744

Tel: 6298 8896

You can check them out here

we had the beef bourguignon. It’s alright i guess. Nothing too fancy. They do have other cooler pies including Chili Crab pies, thai chicken curry etc. We spent about $11 for a pie and a can of sprite.
after that small bite, we head over to the Malay Heritage Centre

Address: 85 Sultan Gate Singapore 198501

You can read more about them here.

The piano you see there belongs to Zubir Said, the man who wrote our National anthem. I also took an image of the original score from him when he wrote our national anthem. the certificate there belongs to our first president Mr Yusof Ishak when he first became our president.

There are many sections in the exhibitions including a section for fishing, a kopitiam section, music, films and the art. I didn’t think it’ll be cool to drop by but since admission is free and we could use the air condition, its pretty good.

We even stop by the tentages where they included some old childhood games including 5-stones, chaptek and marbles. We took a little walk around the area and boy, it felt like we’re on a holiday! surrounded by little bed and breakfasts, cafes at shophouses and other shops selling little trinkets and nonsense.

We stumbled upon this little joint.

After that, we got a little hungry and we decided to find some food to fill us up. We started exploring around and I wanted to bring him to Artichoke cafe at Middle Road but it was closing for dinner time. they recommended that we head over one of their sister branch Over doughs.

Its a tiny place So tiny.. there’s only one huge table and benches around it. Quick look, its a takeaway bakery. the unique part about this place are the flavours. Most of the salads, breads, sauces are from the Middle east.  The food though.. was worth it. flavours were well blended. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

we had the dark chocolate pomegranate pie and the lemon meringue tart (they added a little pomegranate in there as well) balancing the sweet and sour flavours really well.

Address: Blk 261 Waterloo Centre #01-24 Singapore 180261

You can check them out here. They’re only a couple of months old. So please please check it out.

Its super near the hawker centre and honestly, it look a little out of place. (but hey! its always fun to look for places like that).
Spent a total of $16.50 coupled with a coffee for me and an apple tea for KM. KM was overjoyed. (might be the sugar rush)

Okay.. with enough sugar to last us.. we head out again to explore…. or to just use Singapore Art Museum’s washroom. (i know… but i have to be honest…)
Another free exhibition that took us by surprise.

Yes, it is the Yellow Ribbon Community Art exhibition 2012. Held at the chapel. It was really good i must say. Im impressed by the artists creativity, use of different types of materials and what it means behind it all.

When we’re done with the exhibition, we needed to crash and head home. and so we did.
Pretty awesome Saturday i must say.


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