Why women love dance fitness classes

Source: Zaobao

There has been a surge of zumba classes lately provided in gyms, community centres etc. My first zumba experience was at the previous ‘DXO’ next to the esplanade. A close guy friend of mine is working with the People’s association and he wanted to participate.

I was like ‘why not? how often do you can to dance in front of someone comfortable and not get judged?’ and so we did. We spent about 3 hours, perspiring profusely, while bobbing to the loud latin music. For those who are not sure what Zumba is, its a combination of latin dance music and a workout. movements are repetitive according to the track. basically, all you have to do is follow the instructor and you’re set.

I enjoyed it thoroughly! i mean, upbeat music, workout, laughing and cheering with the other trainees can be a lot of fun. Over time, most ‘aerobics’ classes were replaced with this or some ‘party dance’, ‘party jam’ classes. Gyms are flooded with ladies who never looked like they’ll walk into gyms until this came along. Im currently gyming at True fitness. Without fail, every wednesday, the gym will be flooded with ladies going for classes.

this class consists of mainly women in their early 20s to late 40s. in fact, most of them are so regular, they’ve traveled and explore various zumba classes in singapore. (these are all the conversations i overhear in the girls locker room) Besides the upbeat music, these ladies enjoy the community that builds around this common workout. from zumba, they could discuss about their trainers’ standards, where to get their zumba outfits and how much weight they’ve lost while enjoying the process.

on top of that, the flamboyant nature and suggestive moves have encourage our ladies to embrace their sexuality. without having the pressure to count like our what we’ll usually do in salsa classes, zumba uses the beats in a song to build moves and actions. because the moves are relatively simple and easy to follow, each individual could add in their personality and accentuate their moves with a cheeky grin, or another movement together with the fixed steps.

i guess Zumba is here to stay. considering how i have to queue up to register for classes.




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